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Featured Web site -  COLORADOENERGY.org
Here you'll find "one-stop shopping" for links to all manner of energy- and sustainability-related Web sites from Colorado. You'll also find a wealth of links to technical data such as renewable energy resource and weather data needed for efficient building design. 
Colorado Projects
Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC)
OEMC offers programs in residential and commercial buildings, smart growth, waste management and recycling. 

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)
DSIRE is a comprehensive list of incentives offered by state governments, local governments, and utilities across the country, including those in Colorado. This online database is published by the North Carolina Solar Energy Center. 

Projects in the States - Colorado
The U.S. Department of Energy's State Energy Program funds energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the states in partnership with OEMC. 

Schools Going Solar
DSIRE publishes a list of Colorado's schools with solar energy systems through its "Schools Going Solar" program. 

Colorado Universities and Schools with Energy-Related Curricula
Colorado State University operates the Solar Applications Energy Laboratory (SEAL), a leading university-level solar research facility.

The University of Colorado operates the Joint Center for Energy Management (JCEM), a leading building energy research facility.

Solar Energy International (SEI)  

Located in Carbondale, SEI offers courses, workshops, and online training for how to size, build and install renewable energy systems and sustainable buildings. A true Colorado treasure!

Renewable Energy Organizations in Colorado

Other ASES Chapters Green Energy Ohio 
Illinois Solar Energy Association 
Midwest Renewable Energy Association 
New Mexico Solar Energy Association 
North Carolina Solar Energy Association 
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association 
North California Solar Energy Association 
Texas Solar Energy Society 

Renewable Energy Technology Links

On CRES Technology Pages:

National Organizations that Advocate for Sustainable Energy

Alliance to Save Energy 
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy 
American Solar Energy Society
American Wind Energy Association 
Center for Resource Solutions 
Geothermal Energy Association 
Interstate Renewable Energy Council 
National Biodiesel Board 
Renewable Fuels Association 
Solar Electric Power Association 
Sustainable Energy Coalition 
Union of Concerned Scientists

Sustainable Energy Policies of Like-Minded Organizations

AWEA's Policies to Boost Wind Energy and Slow Climate Change
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) lists a series of energy policies that will advance wind energy and other renewable energy technologies in the United States; December 2001. 

Smart Energy Policies: Saving Money and Reducing Pollutant Emissions Through Greater Energy Efficiency 
http://www.aceee.org/energy/e012full.pdf  (PDF, 347 kB)
Steven Nadel and Howard Geller; American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy with the Tellus Institute; Report Number E012; 47 pp.; September 2001. 

Sensible Energy Policies for Growing Our Economy - Fiscal Year Recommendations for the Administration and Congress 
http://www.sustainableenergy.org/coalition/Agenda/agenda  (PDF, 375 kB)
The Sustainable Energy Coalition (which is a coalition of energy- and sustainability-related organizations of which the American Solar Energy Society is a member); 87 pp.; March 2001. 

Clean Power Surge - Ranking the States

Newsletters of Related Colorado Organizations

Colorado Environmental Business Alliance
CoSEIA Newsletter

The Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CoSEIA) publishes a bimonthly newsletter about Colorado's solar industry. Distribution is primarily via e-mail. 

EcoHome News
The Boulder Energy Conservation Center (BECC) publishes this quarterly newsletter about how you can live in harmony with Colorado's natural environment. BECC projects focus on recycling and promoting use of solar and wind energy by homeowners. 

Land and Water Fund (LAW) of the Rockies - Energy Project RMI Newsletter
The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in Snowmass, Colorado publishes a quarterly newsletter online. You can also subscribe to RMI to receive e-mail notification when it is published. 

Solar Decathlon Newsletter
The Colorado Renewable Energy Society is a cosponsor of the University of Colorado - Boulder (CU) team participating in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon 2002. The CU team is competing for national honors to construct the most effective solar-powered house on the National Mall in Washington DC. 

Other Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Periodicals

Conservation Update
DOE's longest continuously published newsletter by its Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. It is published bimonthly by the State Energy Program and features state-sponsored energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. 

EREN Network News

This is perhaps the e-mail newsletter with the widest circulation in North America. It is published weekly by DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and deals with the latest news in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Green Power Monthly
Subscribe to DOE's monthly e-mail newsletter about green power markets and
utility green pricing programs.

Colorado Renewable Energy Society

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