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Ron Larson and 
Doug Balcomb

CRES Board meeting, February 2002

Megan Edmunds,
CRES Past President

Photos: Dave Rosenberg, Dave Bowden

The Colorado Renewable Energy Society is a non-profit renewable energy advocacy group. We have received our 501-3(c) status from the IRS; much of our funding comes from member dues. 

Our bylaws call for the leadership of our organization to be elected by the members and for regular reporting to members. 

NCRES Founders
Ronal Larson, Ph.D. CRES Secretary
is retired and mostly working in volunteer renewable energy areas, often overseas. For one, he is coordinator of an international list called "stoves", dedicated to improving simple low-cost stoves in developing countries. He is CRES Secretary and Chair of the CRES Government Affairs Committee, which deals with issues before the Colorado PUC and legislature.
Paul Notari
is the President of SciTech Communication, Inc. He is currently the editor of CRES NEWS and is active on several CRES committees. He served as manager of Technical Information Programs at NREL for 13 years. He was a member of the ASES Board for 12 years, and was twice elected that group's chairman.
Honorary Director
Hub Hubbard
Dr. Harold "Hub" Hubbard, was the Solar Research Research Institute's (SERI) 3rd Director from August 1981 to January 1990. SERI was the predecessor to NREL, and in the late 1990's Hub lent substantial support to CRES in it's formative years. He is seen here at the SERI employee's 25 year reunion in Golden in July 2002.
Executive Director 
Sheila Townsend
Sheila Townsend has served as Executive Director of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society since June 2001. She works for CRES about 20 hours a week, and has organized our membership database, solicited sponsorships for CREC and the Tour of Solar Buildings, and generally plays a key role in keeping our organization moving forward on a daily basis.

Sheila has a Masters of Arts degree in Political Science from Colorado State University. She has a long history as a volunteer organizer, working on numerous local and state political and environmental campaigns. She served for 11 years on Golden's Earth Day and Clear Creek Canyon Cleanup.

Executive Committee

President - Thom Johnson
Past President - Megan Edmunds
Vice President - Dave Bowden
Secretary - Ronal Larson 
Treasurer - Paul Notari
Board of Directors

CRES has Officers and a Board of Directors nominated by and voted for by the members. The officers and board members are listed below. The Board chooses candidates for officers; Board members are nominated and voted upon by CRES members. The Vice-President serves as next year's president. The current board members are:
Carol Tombari
is currently the Laboratory Coordinator for the Million Solar Roofs Initiative at NREL / DOE, overseeing contracts and partnerships with MSR participants. She has served as an independent energy and public policy consultant, and is the former head of the Texas Energy Office and the NREL Office of State and Local Initiatives. Carol is also a secretarial appointee to the Colorado Senate Energy Advisory Committee and active in CRES' legislative efforts. Her educational credentials include a master's degree in public affairs and an undergraduate degree in geography.
Frank Stewart
has recently retired from the US DOE, where he headed the Golden Field Office. Prior to his tenure in Colorado, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy, and later as Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Washington, DC. He currently serves on the Board of the Colorado STEPP Foundation, the Board of the American Association of Blacks in Energy, and the Steering Committee of the World Renewable Energy Congress.
Larry Sherwood
headed the American Solar Energy Society for twelve years, and is now an independent consultant in Boulder. Prior to his position with ASES, our parent organization, he held similar positions with other ASES chapters in New Mexico and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. Larry likes to hike, ski and is his family's historian.
Doug Seiter
is currently a Senior Program Specialist in Codes and Standards for the US DOE. Prior to that he initiated the Green Building program in Austin, TX and was State Coordinator for Colorado's Built Green program. Doug has been active in planning our Colorado Renewable Energy Conference for several years, serving as the Program Chair in 2001, Conference Committee Chair in 2002, and was in charge of the social and music elements of CREC 2003. He is Chairman of the CRES Buildings Committee and coordinates our Renewable Energy in Buildings Awards.
Sue Reilly
directs Enermodal Engineering, Inc, a firm that specializes in energy and resource efficiency in buildings, and energy analysis of buildings and fenestration products. Enermodal recently collaborated with CRES on a project to promote RE throughout Colorado. Sue is currently working with the Stapleton Foundation to incorporate renewable energy into the elementary school to be built at Stapleton. She is also working with Ensar Group on a number of other local projects to gain LEED Green Building certification. Sue balances this with her family life and doesn't know what she would do without the laughter of her two little girls.
Tim Olsen
leads an engineering and project management consulting firm specializing in utility-scale wind turbine design and wind farm development, as well as small renewable energy system applications. He is a member of the CRES Finance Committee, has participated in many policy discussions at the Colorado Public Utility Commission, and is a member of Xcel's Renewable Energy Trust Advisory Board. Apart from CRES activities, Tim serves as a volunteer mediator, and coordinates programs for the Society for International Development. His escapist activities currently include soccer, skiing, bird watching, and in spring 2015 he sailed around many islands in the Caribbean.
Pat Keegan
is the Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Science Center, which often works in close cooperation with CRES. Prior to heading the CESC, he worked on energy and climate change projects at the International Institute for Energy Conservation and at NREL. Pat has assisted developing countries on greenhouse gas reduction initiatives, attended international climate negotiations sessions, and lectured on energy and climate issues in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. His nearly 20 years of sustainable energy experience includes managing programs to implement energy efficiency in buildings, developing legislation and policy for the State of Washington, and providing Demand Side Management consulting services to electric utilities. Pat holds Masters in Public Administration from Evergreen State College. Pat and his wife spend most of their time raising two great daughters. The older one is in high school and they attend lots of her games, while Pat helps coach the younger daughter's team. The Keegan family loves to hike and camp when they can.
Thom Johnson, CRES President
is our CRES 2015 President. He works as a Mechanical Engineer for EMC Engineers, Inc. in Golden and as an independent energy consultant with his company RAD Energy Systems, specializing in integrated energy system design that incorporates RE and EE. He took the lead in fundraising for our 2000 CREC conference, is a board-member of CRES and CoSEIA, and a member of ASES, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers), CoSEIA (Solar Thermal and PV certified), CRES, RMAEE (Rocky Mountain Association of Energy Engineers) and RPA (Radiant Panel Association). Remodeling his house (and those of his "squids"), working on cars (and those of his "squids"), collecting videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and LPs occupies some of his remaining free time.
Megan Edmunds, CRES Past President
has been on the CRES board since 1999 and was CRES' President in 2002. With a background in policy analysis and economic development, she hopes to help strengthen the organizational base of CRES, broadening at the same time the prominence of renewable energy in the public and private sectors of Colorado. She manages E-Star Colorado, a statewide non-profit program devoted to advancing energy efficiency in buildings through the promotion of both voluntary programs and energy codes for buildings. Originally a second-generation Alaskan, she has been in Colorado since 1977, when she was a freshman at Colorado College.
Craig Cox
is Executive Director of the Colorado and Arizona Coalitions for New Energy Technologies and an independent consultant. He worked for former Congressman Dan Schaefer (R-Colo.) in Washington and served as his advisor on renewable energy and energy efficiency issues. Since 1997, Craig has played an active role in energy issues at the federal, state and local levels and continues to work on stakeholder outreach efforts in the U.S. DOE's Superconductivity and Wind Energy programs. He received his B.A. degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his M.A. degree from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
Dave Bowden, CRES Vice President
is a television producer, writer, and cameraman for national news and documentary programs, and has also created a wide range of videos and multimedia for corporate and non-profit clients. He supervises many elements of CRES' publicity efforts, including this website. Dave has traveled widely and participates in many outdoor-sporting pursuits including skiing, ice hockey, and hiking. He has climbed 15 of Colorado's highest "Fourteener" peaks, is a skilled nature photographer, and holds two degrees in art and design.
Renee Azerbegi
is employed as a Sustainable Design Specialist at RMH Group, one of the largest mechanical/electrical design firms in Colorado. She graduated from UC Berkeley and CU Boulder, with previous RE and EE experience at LBL, NREL, Kreider, & Associates, and the ENSAR Group. She was Program Chair for CREC 2002, organizing the first CRES tours and workshops for the Conference, and is the CREC Conference Chair for 2003.
Board Member photos by Doug Balcomb, Dave Rosenberg and Dave Bowden

NCRES History

CRES was founded on March 29, 1996 with Ron Larson and Paul Notari generating the first membership solicitation. Our first board meeting was April 8, and the Inaugural Meeting of Membership was May 22, 1996. On June 6, 1996, we were incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Colorado.

Among others, some of our major accomplishments to date include:

bullet Worked to implement a Renewable Portfolio Standard in Colorado's Legislature during the 2014 and 2015 sessions in coordination with like-minded groups
bullet Held our 2014 conference in Colorado Springs with Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute as keynote speaker; best attended conference in CRES history
bullet Expanded our membership numbers and geographical base with outreach to Ft. Collins and Western Slope groups
bullet Filed a case with the Colorado Public Utility Commission (PUC) that resulted in the PUC awarding a contract to build the first utility-scale wind power plant in the Rocky Mountain West; construction is underway near Lamar, CO
bullet Organized coalition to sponsor of Colorado Earth Day 2000

The Colorado Renewable Energy Society is a state chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES)

Colorado Renewable Energy Society 

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