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CRES Sponsors
Although the economic foundation of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) lies in it 550 members, CRES also receives support from some 60 sponsors of its events throughout the year.  The vast majority of the sponsors support either the CRES Annual Conference, the Colorado Tour of Homes, or both.
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All Solar Electric
Altair Energy
Aspen Solar Systems


Burdick Technologies


Community Office for Resource Efficiency
Delta Montrose Rural Electric Association
Enerdome West, Inc.`enerdome/ 
Enermodal Engineering  
E-Star Colorado
Industrial Solar Technology
Kurowski Development Corporation
Land and Water Fund of the Rockies 
Lewis Water Consultants  
Lightly Treading  
McStain Enterprises
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden CO 80147
New Belgium Brewing Company
Pioneer Solar
RMS Electric
Tim Montgomery, Architect  
U.S. Department of Energy 
Western Area Power Administration
Wright Water Engineers
Xantrex Technology
Xcel Energy
Individual Supporters
About 50 CRES members have joined a group called "CRES Supporters" that contribute $200 per year for two years toward a  fund to hire and pay the salary of our Executive Director.  The fund began in 2001 and will run through 2002.  If you would like to join CRES Supporters, please contact CRES.
Morey Wolfson 
Jimmy Jones
Tim Olsen
Ron Larson
Ron West
Brian Parsons
Barbara Farhar
Joel Neymark
Megan Edmunds
Thom Johnson
Maria Finley
David Rosenberg
Richard Hubbart
Frank Laird
Becky Skougstad
William Murray
Blair Swezey
Kirk Stokes
Joseph Perkowski
Chandra Shaw
Martha Davis
Body Mind Awareness, Inc.
Dave Waddington
Dean Levi
Pete Beverly
Larry Flowers
Bolko VonRoedern
Frank Bowden, Jr.
Robert Robichaud
Sue Reilly
Megan Edmunds
Sue Hock
Doug Seiter
Gary Nakarado
Mark McCray (RMS Elec) 
Dankers Gowans 
Monica Anthony 
Jim Anthony 
Adam Capage 
Mike Tierney (Aspen Solar)
Barbara Charnes
Mark Stetz
Lori Bird
Steve Sargent/Grace Griego
Steve Snyder
John Nielsen
Amgen Foundation (Swezey)
Joe Burdick
Sherwood (Woody) Wang
Rick Holz
Karl Rabago
David Corbus
Charles Kutscher
Jim Welch
Steve Andrews
Dave Renne 
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