When do we wait for Minecraft 2? The creative director answers.

Will such a strong brand have a second part? According to Mojang creative director Sax Persson, the sequel is unlikely to ever appear. In an interview with Game Informer, the director said the team prefers to use the Minecraft annoounces universe as the basis for other game genres:

“I can’t imagine Minecraft 2 ever coming out. We thought about it for a long timeā€¦ But over time, we realized how flexible Minecraft’s structure was. We always had a passion for making more than one game, but we never planned to release a sequel. We are much more interested in passing on the creative spark to other genres in the Minecraft universe.

It’s no wonder the Swedish studio doesn’t see the point in making a sequel. Hardly fans can be persuaded to play a potential sequel and abandon the original. Therefore, the creators will develop the brand in different directions.

One of such projects, Minecraft: Dungeons, is released on May 26th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. The team of two dozen developers is working on the game.